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Community Wellness

Our office is dedicated to educating our community on prevention of health-related issues. Our health care system is failing us miserably. “Sick care” costs are rising at an astronomical rate. It is time we start taking responsibility for our own health. We would welcome the opportunity to provide these complimentary services to steer you toward wellness:

  1. Health/Wellness talks- our most popular is called “How to Stay Young the First 100 Years”. It explains how to maintain the mobility of your frame to old age. Dr. Dave also offers talks on other topics such as nutrition and ergonomics.
  2. Spinal Screenings- these are performed to detect spinal issues BEFORE they create problems much like a dental check-up is used to catch issues before serious problems arise.
  3. Stretching Programs- Dr. Dave will visit businesses/groups and develop a program to meet your specific needs.
  4. Ergonomic Assessments- Dr. Dave assesses desks or work stations and implements ideas to better fit the person to the work station. This can greatly reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.


Please call our office at 608-781-9555 if you are interested in any of the above complimentary services. Again, we would welcome the opportunity to bring wellness ideas to your organization.

Generations Chiropractic & Wellness